BOVISAJ The Art & Science of Face Fitness

BOVISAJ is the most dynamic facial fitness program available!
Not only do our techniques help clients rejuvenate, unwind, and relax, they are completely natural, work for all skin types, and are adaptable to any routine.
The primary goal of BOVISAJ is to empower users mentally and physically while helping them look and feel their best.

- Do you live life with intention and gratitude?
- Do you enjoy supporting and inspiring others?
- Are you passionate about living a healthy, balanced life and helping others do the same?
- Are you interested in non-invasive solutions for younger skin?
- Would you like to be your own boss?

YES? Then YOU have what it takes to be a BOVISAJ Teacher!

BOVISAJ Teachers are an elite group of individuals who make up a unique Self Care Community.

Our Level I Teacher Training is a comprehensive 25-hour course taught by the visionary and founder of BOVISAJ, Leila Haddioui.
Leila set out to build a fun and flexible platform that anyone could join which has led to an entire community of people that embrace the idea that the face is the image of the soul – and that a happier face means a happier soul.
Years of research show that exercising facial muscles correctly and regularly can improve the way we look and feel. This helps us build confidence, become more assertive, and of course, look younger!
Our Level I Teacher Training takes place virtually, in the comfort of your own home. Over the course of 3 modules, you will learn the cutting edge techniques of BOVISAJ Face Fitness.

Students can study at their own pace with our prerecorded lessons and masterclasses. Following a two-day weekend training with BOVISAJ founder Leila Haddioui and a final exam, students will be certified.

Set your own pace

Here's a peek at what you’ll learn:

Module 1 delves deep into the pioneering elements of our program.

- First up is facial anatomy. Understanding the structures of the face including muscular structures and names, different layers of the skin, and bone placement are integral to BOVISAJ Face Fitness. Learning about the anatomy of the face and neck is essential to properly perform BOVISAJ techniques.
- Next, students will learn about the various causes of aging and how to prevent sagging skin, wrinkles, and puffiness .
- Finally, Module I will highlight the numerous benefits of facial fitness.

Module II will serve as an in-depth overview of the techniques BOVISAJ Face Fitness has adopted.
- Learn various breathing techniques to enhance relaxation and why relaxation is important for anti-aging.
- Learn various techniques utilized in self-massage, acupressure, and face yoga. And the science behind .

Module III gets ad hoc with the BOVISAJ exercise techniques.
- Learn the methods that make BOVISAJ Face Fitness unique.
- Learn exercise variations, names, and sequences to host your own BOVISAJ class.

Students interested in teaching with the BOVISAJ Self Care Club Community can move on to Level II to learn advanced methods for facial symmetry, additional breathing techniques, and more. During Level II students receive one on one lessons with BOVISAJ founder for insights on technique correction and delivering the best results. Level II also provides access to marketing insights and tools to help you build your BOVISAJ Face Fitness business.

BOVISAJ Teachers are given the knowledge and tools they need to build their own Self Care Community! Certified teachers are encouraged to:
- Use their knowledge to empower others .
- Help clients fix face asymmetry or Bell Palsy.
- Help clients learn how to improve their overall appearance .
- Help clients learn stress-reducing techniques .
- Spread love, light, and magic.
- Smile at different points in the day to turn on their happy hormones.
- Strive for optimal physical and mental health .
- Handle all of life's ups and downs positively.

The more you practice BOVISAJ Face Fitness the better you will look and feel! Becoming a BOVISAJ Teacher ensures glowing, younger-looking skin AND is guaranteed to boost your mental wellness.
Certified teachers will have on-going access to the BOVISAJ support team to ensure you are able to confidently and expertly deliver the BOVISAJ experience.

Never stop learning with BOVISAJ !

If you have a passion for living a healthy, balanced life and inspiring others to do the same, you have what it takes to become a BOVISAJ Teacher!
Fill out the form below to request more information and begin your journey as a BOVISAJ Teacher.