BOVISAJ Our platform ensures anyone can achieve their goals of reducing the appearance of wrinkles, lifting their facial features, alleviating signs of sagging skin. The workout results in:

  • A more youthful appearance
  • A reduction in overall puffiness
  • Diminished appearance of lines and creases
  • Improved face symmetry
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  • Fuller lips
  • Firmer cheeks
  • Uplifted eyes and eyebrows
  • More defined jawline

Completely natural and non-invasive, our approach is focused on skin rejuvenation and facial muscles classes based on our years of experience and knowledge.
We were founded with the purpose of generating access to some of the very best online facial fitness training available – all carefully overseen by some of the industry’s best training professionals. Our natural treatments comprise, facial yoga, self-massage and acupressure – it’s unique to us and you can do it yourself or with a friend(s).

BOVISAJ is much more than just online training though – it’s a Self-Care community. Our classes are designed to be flexible and can fit into even the busiest of schedules. The BOVISAJ online facial fitness platform goes deeper than others – not only does it produce amazing results you can see – it aids in increasing positive mood, but that in turn also creates a happier ‘you’.

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We have a diverse and flexible range of packages and classes for members to choose from – something for everyone. Once you become a BOVISAJ member you gain access to a huge range of facial fitness packages and classes and carefully selected products that complement our routines brilliantly.


Our platform also provides access to a powerful range of carefully selected products – all designed to work with the BOVISAJ online classes with the aim of increasing results. Oils, creams, masks and serums – and much more. Shop

My mission

Live worth living if you dedicated yourself to bring awareness to others. I created the BOVISAJ face fitness platform to share my knowledge and create this wonderful Self Care Club community. I am committed to helping others embrace it.

The BOVISAJ face fitness technique not only helped me look younger but made me feel more aligned, stronger, empowered, more confident and more positive. Thus, I would love for others to feel the same.

Our platform helps educate and bring more awareness to natural and easy techniques to help regain a more youthful appearance. We constantly research, innovate with the aim to make you feel more beautiful and radiant Inside & Out.